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Machrie Golf Links
If golf is your game then you've come to the right place. The Machrie Golf course has 18 holes and is located in a stunning location, close to Islay Airport, and the Big Strand. Close by there is a 9 mile stretch of unspoilt beach with superb views over Loch Indaal and the Oa Peninsula. Nothing better than playing your favourite psort with the added bonus of beautiful views surounding you.
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Bird Watching
Islay boasts a wide variety of wonderful scenery with unspoilt beaches and cliff tops all excellent for wildlife enthusiasts, all of which offer amazing variation of birds. There are over 100 species present on the island all year round Islay Bird Watching

Museum of Islay Life
This former church was purchased in 1976 and the Museum opened the following year. The bulk of the exhibits are in the main body of the building while the former vestry houses an extensive library. A gallery was constructed at one end in 1998 to act as an office and store. A small shop area sells books and pamphlets about Islay as well as a range of gifts.

There are over 1600 items in the main Museum collection, covering all ages from the Mesolithic, c.8000 BC, to the 1950s. The Victorian and Edwardian ages are especially well represented, with exhibits showing what it was like to live in a simple house as well as how the laird lived at the same time. Islay Museum

Walking on the Isle of Islay
 There is plenty of beautiful walking routes if your interest is either a woodland stroll or  take in a lovely beach walk. There are many a good walk, Ardenave Point, Oa peninsula, Killinallan Point, Sanaigmore bay, Saligo Bay , to name but a few.
To find out in more detail about the fantastic walks please click here. Islay Info

 Islay is an excellent island to discover by bike. The roads are mainly single track. Cycling on the island is more popular than ever. This is probably due to the fact that its less than 10 miles bewtween each village. It certainly helps that there is virtually no traffic on the roads and what traffic there is, is at a friendly slow pace. Islay cycling

There are many loch's in the island where you can enjoy some quiet time fishing the day away. Most of the loch's are easy to access by car. But there are some that are tucked away and can be accessable after a nice walk.Islay fishing


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